Global Procurement

Supplier Data Privacy


Supplier’s Compliance with data Privacy laws (GDPR)

We strive to protect privacy of our employees, clients and contractors and apply highest standards to personal data security. In case you process personally identifiable information (PII or personal data) from European citizens such as PPG’s employees or clients, you may be required to execute an additional agreement with PPG in order to regulate flows of this data (Data Processing Agreement). In this section, you can download PPG-approved templates which are adjusted to the different types of the relationship you may have with PPG for data sharing. Please return a signed document to the member of the PPG’s Procurement team or your other contact within the organization.

PPG Standard Data Processing Agreement (PPG Controller) Dual Language:
Use this template if your role in the relationship with PPG is that of a Data Processor. Data Processor is a party that processes the data on behalf of PPG and following PPG’s instructions.

Independent Controllers Templates:
Use this template in case both PPG and your company are Independent Controllers of personal data. Independent Controllers are those who independently exercise overall control over the (independent) purposes and means of the processing of personal data. Use “PPG Client” template in case you are a supplier to PPG, use “PPG Supplier” template if you are a PPG client

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