Global Procurement

Raw Material Introduction

We work every day to develop and deliver the paints, coatings and specialty materials that our customers have trusted for over 138 years, serving the construction, consumer products, industrial and transportation markets and aftermarkets.

Raw Material Introduction

Raw Material Introduction Process

Supplier Qualification

PPG is a global manufacturer of quality paints, coatings and related products to the automotive, industrial, aerospace and consumer markets. 
To meet our regulatory and sustainability goals, we require our suppliers to provide a standard set of information to be qualified and registered in our system, and to provide updated information on the products they provide to PPG. 

Product Qualification

The following information must be completed, reviewed and processed for a supplier to be qualified.  You must be invited or requested through a PPG sponsor:

  • PPG Raw Material Introduction Request (RMIR) form available in several languages
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) in English and local language of the ultimate receiving location (SDS must be current – most recently revised)
  • Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
  • Certificate of Analysis  

Training Resources 

Please refer to the following resources for training and guidance to make the qualification process easier:

After processing, a PPG CHAMP code will be assigned by the PPG raw material management team. 

Product Container Labeling

The CHAMP code must be included on your product container when it is delivered to the PPG receiving location.
There must be a visible hazard warning label that complies with hazard communication regulations of the country of ultimate destination such as the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) and in the required language.

Change Notifications   

The PPG-assigned CHAMP code must accompany updated information. 

The following changes must be communicated to PPG

  • Chemical Inventory Change - Suppliers must provide PPG with updated information without delay if there is a change in the chemical inventory status from the initial certification.
  • Product Composition Change - The most current (recently revised) Safety Data Sheet (SDS) must be provided promptly if there are any changes to the material composition. The PPG-assigned CHAMP code must be associated with the material SDS and provided to the final shipping destination.
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